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  Studio 4100


Over the course of the past few months we have slowly evolved Studio 4100.  About 400 square feet of room to capture families of 6 to 8 full length without a problem.  We have photographed several   Models with elaborate outfits with ease using our 9 foot ceiling height.   Recently,    a new floor has been laid down and draped blackout curtains and this enables endless possibilities with lighting.   At Studio 4100 we offer a lot of light modifiers to sculpt light to capture creative images of subjects.  Our Studio also enables the opportunity for some creative workshops where we can take in up-to 5 photographers.   We are excited to offer workshops throughout the year be it indoors or outdoor locations.   Studio 4100 also offers passport photos 7 days a week.  In future opportunities we are going to do a Mother’s Day Studio Session and we are currently working on our Easter Sessions.   Simply visit our website to book a time convenient to your schedule.  


March Break Workshop

On March 7th we had  Stephanie Pluim   attend our workshop.  Back in December we had Stephanie join us at Neon Demon Studios in Toronto.  There was a group of photographers who used available light to photographer her in this amazing Studio.  Now, we renovated Studio 4100 which is the home base for Captured Memories Productions.   For this workshop, we had an Easter Theme and rotated various outfits. Stephanie brought balloons as she was beginning the celebration of her upcoming birthday.  I decided to use two curtains and a black drop.  My vision was to create a glow to the balloons without showing the lights.  Hence, the curtains and the black background.  Very pleased with the end results and love the variety of pictures we ascertained from this Model Workshop.

Captured_Memories Model
Captured_Memories Model

Passport Photos

Early in February we started using our Photos to create passport photos.  We advertise under this page and a target specific page called Burlington Passports.  Burlington Passports offer a variety of services as it is under the umbrella of Captured Memories Productions.  We maintain Canadian specifications for passports and also provide Permanent Residence Photos and Canadian Citizenship Photos.   Furthermore, we are able to provide passports to over 50 countries including India, Italy, Pakistan and Mexico.  It is as easy as one, two and three.  Simply click your service from our home page and pick a time and date that is convenient to your schedule.  

Passport Photos.png
Burlington Passports6.png
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