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Daddy were you married in Rome? The father looks at his child as she responds, “Well there is a picture of you and mommy in front of the Coliseum”.

A lame introduction to the beginning of the end as Adobe’s AI was launched in May of 2023. Is this superficial enhancement going to be the craze of the 2020’s? As an artist, I do see the benefit of AI and the multiple uses that can be generated from AI in Photoshop.

The advancement of AI in the field of photography, particularly with the use of AI generators in tools like Photoshop, does have the potential to significantly impact the industry and this is here to stay. The impact is huge but, HOLD ON! How do we know know if an image is real? The Adobe AI (Beta Version) can already generate authentic looking images based on concepts or visual ideas with a reality so convincing it would cause one to second guess if the image was manipulated or not, it’s that good! This is nothing new of course, photographers have been manipulating images since the beginning of time such as creating fake sunlight with strobe, layering images and using props to embellish a scene. For years the authenticity of images were manipulated and somewhat violated. After all, there are no rules on this. Let’s think about this, the jogger on the surface of a lake is all fake, yet this image repeats itself over with running shoe ads. Most commercial ads already incorporate a false creativity and already incorporate a creative twist to images that may not be authentic. But now, it will be very easy to do this. One person, not a team, can create ANYTHING! In reality there may be no need to hire a photographer for an image that you are seeking. Just generate the image through your thoughts.

For example, my white walls of my living room could use a picture of trees on a winter day with some morning fog with the light faded. That instantly, the picture is created. The only limitation is one’s imagination--No Team Required--No photographer, Lighting Director, Studio Flash, etc. Knowing anything can be created and generated this easily means our reality is that the line between what is real and what is artificially generated may be blurry.

So if the new is the old, what is different? Well first and foremost, this is revolutionary! Actually, it's incredible. Within the marketing scheme of things, as mentioned above, we really don’t need a team anymore. This can be a one person show. The fact the main editor/creator can now think of a concept, generate an image, enhance the image with no team around them is quite remarkable but detrimental to the marketing industry.

Remember Print Houses. Printer Houses are almost a thing of the past and now AI will transform the Marketing Ad Agencies the same way! AI Generators, creators or whatever you want to call them will now be the new norm and new careers in this capacity are coming. WANTED! AI Generator for our Company. Yes, AI Generator’s will be a new paid position and warranted with many industries. Hopefully, AI software is introduced to the Secondary Education Arts Program. Our youth within the next year will have a chance to transform reality with ideas, innovation and creativity.

The debate surrounding AI-generated images is OVER. It’s amazing and technologically convincing and furthermore, it is HERE TO STAY!

Maybe, just maybe we need to create guide

lines or disclaimers to provide transparency and inform viewers about the origin and authenticity of the images they encounter. To maintain trust and integrity within the photography industry, a discussion is definitely warranted. As a wedding photographer am I threatened? No, not at all. I still need to take my pictures physically for a wedding. But when the Bride asks me to create an Italian Theme and you see the couple in Rome, Milan and Florence all within one day, you will then realize one thing…. I can travel the world quickly and am available for hire ….(lol)

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