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Covid 19 Wedding

Wedding at the RBG with Jennifer and Dave The Wedding of Dave and Jennifer happened in the last week of February this year. We really got luck with the weather as it was a clear cool day without aggressive winds. It is the winds that really dictate the photos being outdoor on a Wedding Day. Imagine dresses and hair blowing violently during your photoshoot. That’s a photographer's challenge with every wedding. As mentioned, we were blessed with a sunny sky and an opportunity to capture some great images at the RBG and Ancaster Mill.

Although the numbers were lower due to covid, there was no shortage of support and love by the folks who attended the ceremony! Such a lovely couple who carried on their dreams through their wedding vows. For some of these photos, I was using the sunlight as a second source of light, specifically as a backlight and sidelight along with my Godox AD600 to illuminate the subjects.

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