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The dreaded headshot! Nothing is worse than sitting in front of a total stranger to have them duplicate one of the most precious things of your life, your ego, your mojo! Yes your head! Though the beauty of the digital age has enabled us to immediately see the results immediately so all is not so bad. Engage with your photographer to see the images throughout the photoshoot to see how your gesture, posture is affecting the photograph. Subtle changes can alter the entire photo and the results will be rewarding! The other advantage of todays headshot is the photographers engagement with aftermarket software to tweak the photo to enhance the beauty of the photo.

Whitening teeth, adding volume to hair, enlarging the pupils are just a few things that can be done to embellish your look. The need for professional make-up is really not a necessity as many things can be tweaked to your desire. Furthermore, look for a photographer that will offer multiple outfits for one photoshoot. It is nice to receive a variety of photos wearing at least a couple of outfits. This way your picture can change within a few months to keep a fresh look as opposed to a branded 10 year old photo!

Many Linkedin, Facebook, Dating Portofolio or Professional headshot photos require very little thrills with pure white or black backdrops. Blue backdrops, as seen below can be a unique overall look too!

Most people I have photographed in my studio actually enjoy the session with some vibrant music to add to the vibe of the photo session.

Overall make your session memorable and fun! Don’t be afraid to change up your photos frequently with new outfits and with new seasons. If you find a photographer that can do this at a reasonable price, this uplifting image update is both rewarding and motivating.

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