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Imagine Photography With No Colour? ....

The Diversity Bench, coming to a Halton Catholic School?

The answer is probably no but what a great concept for every School in Ontario. A bench outside the school with the lovely colours of the Rainbow.

For the Primary Grades,

What a great way to learn the colours of the rainbow. Match leaves, pebbles to the various colours on this colourful bench.

For the Junior Grades,

There is Math and Science and so much more!

Creating formulas enhance the vibrance of each colour. Proportion yellow and blue and get the perfect green,

For the Intermediate Years,

Find the complementary for each colour of the rainbow.

Further explore and understand that colours can be associated with mood. If I am feeling blue, what shall I do? I am seeing red, what is really going on in my head. Could it be the Trustees voted again?

For the Senior Years,

Colours represent diversity. A great asset to have before college or university.

For the Trustees of the Board,

What a great platform for a photo. Sitting on the bench with a smile

This symbolizes an understanding and sometimes changes take a while.

Perhaps there is more meaning with the “Diversity Bench” that can be taught. Let’s not be judgemental and give it more thought. Kudos to the Boards who are representing the “full lot!”

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