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PUBLISHED WEDDING and it Wasn't Me....

Memories Made…. When I stop to think about the responsibilities of being a Wedding Photographer, I will ask myself what am I doing this for? The anxiety and pressure of a Wedding Day is unparalleled to many day to day experiences and it is your experience and adrenaline that creates the memories for a lifetime.

I will be very transparent with this mental process in an upcoming BLOG, but for now, it will focus on the topic Memories Made. Every shoot, regardless of a Graduation, Passport, Family Photo Session, Christmas Session is counting on your expertise to capture the moment. I am pleased to share the article below of a couple CMP photographed and published by A THIRD PARTY! The pictures worked because Dawn and James were extremely cooperative with the the photographic suggestions and extremely energetic to conduct a variety of poses for a thorough experience of their wedding day. The picture to the right of the Bride and Groom says it all!!! Look at her twinkle and smile. I love the way he is embracing her and the magical "unspoken" moment says "I Love You".

The location of Dawn and Jame’s wedding took place at the Milton Banquet and Conference Centre in Milton. Thirty six acres of groomed grounds with endless photo opportunities. Check out their facility here ( .

Enjoy the Read...

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