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Sometimes You Get Lucky

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Sometimes You Get Lucky

I am not referencing the lyric from a Bob Dylan Song, however if you have never heard the song

“Idiot Wind” I highly recommend it. This was a recent photograph I took during a winter whirl in Milton Ontario. I have photographed this location hundreds of times but sometimes you get lucky.

From the rolling waves and the snow on the tree and the blue tint in the sky made for a beautiful picture. Looking at the picture the immediate snow dripping from the rustic bridge and the formation of icicles embellish the entire look.

However, this was not a random lucky photo altogether. For this photo we were outside for about 18 minutes and the bride’s bare shoulders were near the threshold of tolerance. I came prepared with waders knowing during the snowfall this would be the photo I would like to capture. I have been in the Wedding industry for over 29 years and I count on both hands the amount of times it actually snowed on a Wedding Day. Although there are implications such as snow interfering with the clarity of the photos, extreme cold weather and mobility I was determined to convince this lovely couple that this pose was worth taking. We walked about 500 meters to get to this destination through the deep snow and cold weather. Sliding on some waders and jumping into the river was the only way to capture this picture. Was it worth it? Absolutely! This will rank in my top ten for sure.

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