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Studio 4100

Over the course of the past few months we have slowly evolved Studio 4100. About 400 square feet of room to capture families of 6 to 8 full length without a problem. We have photographed several Models with elaborate outfits with ease using our 9 foot ceiling height. Recently, a new floor has been laid down and draped blackout curtains and this enables endless possibilities with lighting.

At Studio 4100 we offer a lot of light modifiers to sculpt light to capture creative images of subjects. Our Studio also enables the opportunity for some creative workshops where we can take in up-to 5 photographers. We are excited to offer workshops throughout the year be it indoors or outdoor locations. Studio 4100 also offers passport photos 7 days a week. You can book by visiting or Due to Covid 19, we will refrain from operations until provincial restrictions are lifted. We just completed our Easter Session and one of our participants Sutha was published in Isabella Magazine. Studio 4100 is now OPEN (well after the Covid 19 restrictions)

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